Media Services & Events
Aspire2 are going to provide an online digital mental health newspaper by August 2019. This newspaper will be supported by a website, social media sites and an App. The digital newspaper will be reporting on current mental health news stories, will publish written articles and features, charity and fundraising news, signposting of services, national & local charity news, wellbeing, diet and exercise information. 
Social Media Sites
Our social media sites will be constantly updated bringing news and information about the services of Aspire2, mental health news from across the UK, the work of our Aspire2 Ambassadors and will be interlinked with the online digital newspaper. The website will be continuously updated carrying further information on company events, mental health stories, promote mental health awareness, report on progress, donations, advertising and sponsorship. New features and pages will be added as the company grows. 
Physical Newspaper
By December 2019 Aspire2 would like to launch the first ‘free national monthly newspaper dedicated to mental health’. Our aim is to distribute 100,000 copies across all regions of the UK and build the distribution numbers progressively. The newspaper will be distributed to National & Local Charities, Service User Groups, Health Centres, GP Surgeries, Nursing & Care Homes, Armed Forces Bases, Libraries, Citizens Advice Bureau’s, Hostels, Salvation Army Centres, Secure Hospital Services, HM Prisons, Colleges & Universities, private subscriptions, industry & commerce.
24/7 DAB Radio Station & Recording Studio
By the summer of 2020 Aspire2 would like to have delivered a 24/7 DAB Radio Station. The radio station cements the work of the media cycle allowing the public to access any form of medium they choose to gather information. Aspire2 will then use the media services as a platform for creating and reporting on all the work carried out across the country in relation to mental health. Our media services are not only reporting on the news but trafficking the news back across the UK through its media departments. This creates a platform of spreading positive news but keeping the debate live 24/7. 
The recording Studio will be used by service users, service providers and those passionate about mental health. Our aim is to provide a professional recording and music studio free of charge. This will allow anyone meeting the criteria to book recording time in the studio and record their music, story, poetry and have it recorded onto disc. In turn these acts/performances with permission will be aired across our media services. This service brings about inclusion, aspires people to show their talents, inspires others to come forward, music, poetry and mental health a combination of success.  
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