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Non Executive Directors & Trustees ​

We are registered with Companies House as a Community Interest Company (CIC). At the end of each financial year any surplus capital must be used for the benefit of the community. As a Mental Health Media and Events Company it is essential that our accounts are balanced and checked in order to maintain public and corporate confidence and accountability. It is also essential that capital is used accordingly, projects are well funded, distribution to national and local causes are fair.

Aspire 2 are extremely interested in working alongside people who have experience in business and commerce especially in public relations, media/broadcasting, fundraising, marketing, advertising & sales. We particularly welcome interest from service users & service providers.

If you believe that you have the necessary skills and would like to contribute some of your spare time each month as a Non Executive Director or Trustee please contact Aspire2

Written Articles & Features

You can contribute to Aspire 2 by submitting articles that would be considered for publication on our media sites.

Your article can be about your personal experience or knowledge of mental health issues. We particularly welcome articles regarding:


• Current or Ex Service Users


• Charities & Organisations


• Service Providers 


• Those affected by Mental Health


• Mental Health Awareness


• Professional Experts


• Recovery, Wellbeing, Exercise & Diet.


• Commerce & Industry


If you would like to fundraise on behalf of Aspire2 we would be interested in working and supporting you, your friends or company. We are looking for people to fundraise in the following areas:


• Running a Marathon or Marathons each year


• Cycling


• Walking


• Triathlons


• Swim-a-thon


• Host a Concert


• Skydiving


• Golf Tournament


• Art and Antique Sales Event

How To Help
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